The origin of the dispensary which the Cuttack general hospital replaced, is lost in antiquity. It is believed to have ex56isted since the days of Indian Rule in Orissa and was established primarily for the benefit of the pilgrims proceedings to Puri (otherwise called Jagannath). It was originally maintained from the proceeds of an endowment made by Marahatta Government. In 1874 it was raised to the status of a General Hospital, accommodation being provided for the treatment of sick European and European servants, of Government at Cuttack. The institution was principally supported by the 'Annachhatra Find' and annual assignment made by the British Government. In 1925 the hospital was provincialised and since then it has been maintained by the provincial Government. The establishment of the present hospital was almost synchronous with the foundation of the Orissa Medical School during the Lieutenant Governorship of Sir Richard Temple and the commissionership of Mr. T.E. Ravenshaw, Since then the hospital is supplying clinical materials for the practical training of the medical students. The hospital is now named as the "Sriram Chandra Bhanja Medical College Hospital, Cuttack vide G.O. No. 9620 L.S.G. dateded 20.10.49.